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Konnichiwa! ^_^ Sorry it's taken me so long to update. ^.^;;; OMG!! The first meeting of Anime Club was yesterday!! YAY!! ^_^ We watched "Advent Children" which was really good, even though it wasn't an Anime. I wanna go to Katsucon!! Anyways, bus is coming soon. Ja! Mate ne! *glomps friends list*
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[ mood | sleepy ]

Konnichiwa min'na-san!! ^.^ Anyo....stuffs has happened lately...
1.) I got my wisdom teeth pulled. >.<;;; They were sore for a bit and I was swelled but now I feel much better. I've only been eating mushy foods though. ^.^;; Huzzah for jell-o, bananas, and chocolate mousse whipped yogurt!! ^.^;;; lol
2.) I didn't make it into the play. ;_; But I am on tech. crew! YAY for techies!!! ^_^ I know that I'm gonna being doing costumes and maybe set construction. I'm kind of nervous because my teacher made me leader of costume changes...^.^;;; I'm not good at leading, I'm good at following!
3.) I watched the Beatles' movie "Hard Day's Night" which made me even more of a fan. I <3 them!! ^_^
4.) I downloaded some AMVs! YAY!! ^_^
5.) I've really wanted to watch a bunch of Anime recently.
6.) The first Anime club meeting is on Oct. 6th! YAY!! ^________^
7.) My friend finally convinced me to have enough confidence to wear just what I want to school. ^.^;;; YAY!! Now I've been dressing all FRUiTSy and I've been wearing kitty ears!!
8.) I wrote a lazytown fanfic. SportaRobbie is <3.
9.) I'm going up to my daddy's family's house this weekend for Roshashana. (His side is Jewish and my mommy's side is Catholic. We practice Catholicism but celebrate the Jewish holidays with my daddy's side. ^_^)
10.) They're not really strictly religious so I'm making cupcakes and icing! YOSH!! ^_^
11.) I went to this Christian prayer thing which was around our flag pole. I felt so connected to everyone when we were praying. ^_^ It was a cool thing.
12.) The other day my mommy and I went to this antique store. I got this green and white checkered 50's style apron and 4 cookbooks from the 50's-70's!! YAY!!
13.) I went shopping with my mommy yesterday and she got me this cute ghost Halloween t-shirt, a huge white sweat shirt, and these black and orange striped tights! Well I have to go get ready for school now. >.< Two quizzes today in math and Spanish. Ja ne! *glomps friends list*

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[ mood | busy ]

Konnichiwa mina-san!! ^_^ It's only been the first week of school and already I'm sleepy. ^.^ I don't like math class. It's boring. >.<;;; But it's ok. I really like acting!! ^___^ The class is fun and I have a friend in it but also....*blushes* I like a guy in my acting class too...shhh! Don't tell! ^.^;;; Anyo....Spanish is fun but a lot more difficult than the other Spanish classes that I've taken. Hmmm....my computer and technology class is boring right now because I'm working on architectural (sp?) design. It's hard so I need help after school tommorrow. ^.^;;; Ne, what else? I made two new friends! Both who are in my Spanish class. One is the kaichou of the Anime club and the other one is really nice and dresses how she wants no matter what anyone else thinks!! I admire her so much for that!! ^_^ Finally a female friend who lives in my neighborhood! (The other friends I have that live here are male. I don't really hang out with them on weekends.) She is really really nice and really religious. I'm gonna visit her church!! ^_^ And also, one of my male friends "adopted" me as his little sister!! YAY!! ^_^ Onii-sama!! ^.^ Also, I have most of my friends in my lunch shift which I am uber happy about!! Yesterday, my sister and I watched more of "Revolutionary Girl Utena." I LOVE THAT SERIES!! ^__________^ Demo, I'm not sure if we maybe accidently skipped some episodes. Does anyone know where I could find an episode guide? Hmmmmm....what else? Oh! I'm baking cookies today! Chocolate chip with milk chocolate and white chocolate chips!! ^_^ I'm trying to learn to cook well and this is the first time that I have made cookies all by myself. Mina-san, please wish me luck!! Also, on a random note, today I wore black sparkly kitty ears and a bell around my neck!! =^.^= Nyao! Also, our school is doing two musicals! Grease and Beauty and the Beast!! (Not sure if I already mentioned that. ^.^;;;;) We have to choose a five minute monologue and sing 16 bars of a song. o_O I'm trying out for Sandy because I really like her character. Demo, I don't think I'll get her. ^.^;;;; Wish me luck at auditions on Friday!! I'll do my best! Yosh!! ^_^ Anyways, I have a LONG LONG to do list today. I have to finish my weekend homework and study for a quiz in math. >.<;;; I also have other stuff that I need to do to prepare for school tommorow. ^.^;;; Itou....ja! Mata ne! *Huggles friendslist*

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[ mood | giddy ]

Konnichiwa mina-san!! ^____^ I had SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN AT THE ANIME CONVENTION!!! It was the best thing that happened to me all year!! ^_^ My mommy finally got me a pink wig (which she cut) and new sparkly black kitty ears. ^_^ I also colored my shoelaces pink. ^.^ When we got to the convention, we had to wait TWO HOURS in line. (We had pre-registered and needed to pick up our badges.) Demo, it was really REALLLY cool to see people walking by in costumes! ^_^ My sister and I had fun talking to the people behind us. My daddy came along with us. (Brave man). Anyways, we finally got in and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! This is the greatest I've felt in awhile!! We had lots of fun walking around and seeing all of these different people cosplaying. Everyone was soooooo nice!! ^_^ We watched some AMVs which were so good. (There was one with Naru-chan and Nephrite from Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon with the song "The Reason" by Hoobastank that almost made me cry. ;.;) And hai, I do cry over Japanese Anime. I also sang karaoke!! YAY!! ^_^ I <3 Anime Karaoke! I sang "Catch You Catch Me" from Cardcaptor Sakura!! They were giving free Pocky to everyone who sang. WAAIII!! ^_^ We also went to the dealer's room and it was soooo awesome!! ^_^ I bought a Fruba wallscroll, a Cardcaptor Sakura plushie, a Revolutionary Girl Utena poster, a Shamanic Princess poster, and these adorable CLAMP-style wing clips!! ^______^ I also watched Fan Parodies which were HILARIOUS!! There was one about this DDR club and how people who play DDR can't dance otherwise. TOO FUNNY. ^.^;;; And then there was one about Final Fantasy V. Kaijuu. There were music videos for Final Fantasy and I really REALLY want to play it. ^_____^ I also visited the artist gallery and saw my friend Julie-chan with her friend who makes Anime figurines. There was cool stuff in there too! Also, I asked lots of peoples for hugs and every person I asked hugged me!! YAY!!! ^_^ (I'm a very huggeyful person). A boy dressed as Conan (From Detective Conan) was there and I glomped him! ^_^ I also hugged/glomped people who had signs that said "hug me" or "glomp me" or t-shirts that said it. ^_^ And I went to some of the panels for a bit which I didn't really like. Demo, at one panel, I got a free DVD with the AMVs from the conventions!! YAY!! ^_^ I REALLY REALLY want more Japanese Anime merchandise, some Gothic Lolita clothing, and a Super Dolfie!! Those things are soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!! ^____^ I must start doing chores to earn some money! YOSH!! ^_^ When I got back home, I took a LONG LONG nap. Then I watched some Cardcaptor Sakura and Revolutionary Girl Utena. I don't care if people think I'm odd for saying this, but Japanese Anime is my passion and my life!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD Also, another good thing was that I felt even better after my breakup. ^____^ I definetly know that I want to be single right now, demo, I want to find a guy some day who loves Japanese Anime and will cosplay with me!! *sighs* Gomen gomen, I couldn't help but be a bit jealous of the cosplaying couples. ^.^;;; Nyo, I'm bad. Demo, one day I hope my Anime prince on a white horse will come and save me!! (With purple hair!! jk. lol Revolutionary Girl Utena reference.)Ne, I really wish I could meet some of my LJ friends as these cons!! I wanted to get a kitty collar with a bell that they were giving out for Neko Con but they were sold out. ;___; Anyways, IT WAS THE BESTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GLOMPS FRIENDS LIST* Luv you all! Ja ne!

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[ mood | blank ]

Ne mina-san!! ^_^ Tomorrow I leave for the Anime convention!! YAY!! ^_^ I'm dressing as Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew! (In her waitress outfit) Sadly I could not find a wig. ;_; Demo, I have these really kawaii ribbons that would work. And I must quest for my kitty ears! I won't be back until the 22nd!! Love you all! *glomps* ^_^

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[ mood | okay ]

Konnichiwa mina-san! ^_^ I'm happy to say that my ex-boyfriend still wants to be friends with me!! YAY!! ^_^ Because even though I cared about him romantically, I always saw him as a good friend from the begginning. And besides, we are too emotionally different and I think I need to be single right now. So...YAY!! ^_^

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mangacatgirl! ^_^</span></i></font></font>



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[ mood | busy ]

Konnichiwa mina-san!! ^_^ Anyo...I'm trying to keep busy!! So I decided to make a cook book! If anyone has any ideas for kawaii foods that I could put in there, please let me know! ^_^ Arigato! Ja ne! Hope all of you have nice days. And thanks to all of those people who left me comments for the last two posts. *glomps* ^.^

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[ mood | crushed ]

Anyo, my boyfriend just broke up with me...but I'm trying to stay cheerful in knowing that now I can crush on Japanese Anime guys and Harry Potter and Legolas!! ^___^ Demo, I do agree that our relationship wasn't really working out. Everything will be ok if I just try to stay happy!! ^__^ Demo...I still feel really sad....;___;

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[ mood | nauseated ]

Konnichiwa mina-san. Happy August. ^_^ Today I had to go to the dentist. Afterward I went and got some candy though! YAY!!! ^.^;;; lol. And I just got back from my kitty scan. They were checking my "adrenal glands" or whatever. Nyoooooo.....I had to drink this yucky Barium Sulfate that was flavored like a berry smoothie. It was thick and white and ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. >.< They also had to stick me with an IV which is no fun because I'm afraid of needles. ;_; And I get really nervous about that kind of stuffs. I am sooooo excited about the Anime Convention!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! Just 18 more days!! ^_^ I need to hurry up and finish my costume. I hope that my friend Julie-chan can stay in the room with us! ^.^ Ugh. I feel nautious and my stomach hurts. x_x I had to drink 20 oz. of that yucky stuff!! (So I would glow)^.^;;; Ano.....what else? Oh! The other day my sister and I rented the first volumes of "Serial Experiments Lain" and "Witch Hunter Robin." Both of those series confuzzled me so I'm watching them again. ^.^;;; I thought of Lain when I was watching Paranoia Agent with my boyfriend. Have any of you seen that? ?_? It all racks at your brain and stuffs. ^.^;;; Itou.....what else? Hmmm... Oh yes!! I FINALLY cleaned out my closet and now I'm redecorating my room!! Hooray!! ^_^ I need to buy some more Anime poster to make my walls betterer. Oh! And I'm prolly gonna buy Anime School supplies!!! YAY!!! ^____^ I can't wait for school to start again!! ^_^ Well ja ne! *glomps friends list*

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